(Jan 2019 - date)

is a localised chapter of a larger ongoing portrait project; A participatory live art action and social intervention that aims to explore and share both global and personal diversities of thought, perceptions and social interaction through face-to-face creative exchanges.

Initiating portrait exchanges with the local residence and those I meet on the city streets of Lisbon, I ask an agreed participant to sit still and silent for a timed ten minutes, considering a response to this question:

If everyone in Lisbon were willing to listen to you for one moment, what would you say?’  

While considering their response I sketch their portrait, beneath which they write their answer/message. Using carbon paper I create two images at once, gifting the participant the original and keeping the print – a record of the exchange.


The aim is to expose these messages to a Lisbon audience.

The portraits and messages have been individually printed on plain white clothing garments donated by 


The aim initially, was to acquire the cooperation of inhabitants in the historical districts; Alfama and Mouraria to utilise the washing-lines of the city to expose these messages to passing viewers. As things have evolved the project has gained the support of the local municipality for use of public space to exhibit the shirts, enabling the work to be hung and viewed for several days. 

Exhibited: Escadinhas da Saúde, 1100-341 Lisboa

‘Stairs of Health’ Martim Moniz,18th – 20th April 2019

Marques de Pombal Metro station, Lisboa, 13th - 16th August 2019

Supported by: Humana-Portugal, Underdogs Gallery, Lisbon City Council Department of Culture, the Parish Council of Santa Maria Maior and Lisbon City Metro.


Photography by Joao Barros